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You will receive an email from Dollars for Scholars requesting your permission for your child to apply for scholarships if your student is under 18. In order to complete their scholarship application process, you will need to click the "grant consent" button on the website to allow your student to compete for scholarship money available through Scholarship America and its partners.


Greater NY Chinese Dollars for Scholars 

View information about Greater NY Chinese Dollars for Scholars scholarship amounts and other details. 


2018 獎學金申請截止日期5月31日



  • Our scholarships are only for students of Chinese descent. Our scholarship requirements.
  • If you are having trouble matching to or submitting your scholarship, click here to review you have completed all the steps. To match to our scholarship, select Chinese American for ethnicity.
  • When you match to our scholarship (it appears under "My Scholarships"), click on the View button to read the requirements if you have not already reviewed our scholarship criteria.
  • Please apply for only one of our scholarship categories. You will be considered for all other scholarships for which you are eligible. For example, if you apply for our need-based scholarship, we will consider you for the merit scholarship if we do not accept you for need-based. And if you are eligible and apply for the Wonton food scholarship (nationwide), we will consider you for the need-based scholarship if you are in the Greater NY area. If you apply as a new immigrant and qualify for our need-based scholarship, we will consider you as well. There is no need to apply to both.
  • There is a Help tab at the bottom of the application "My Information" with answers to frequently asked questions.
  • You may also contact Scholarship America's Support desk through the application system if you still have problems. 
  • To ensure your reference receives the email with instructions for them to provide your recommendation/transcript:
    • ​double check to make sure you entered their email address correctly (not mistyped or wrong email)
    • make sure they check their spam folder
    • if they still cannot locate the email, have them contact to help troubleshoot.

   If you have other questions, please contact us at

Information required for Greater NY Chinese Dollars for Scholars

1) Must include Name of College Attending (can be updated when decided after creating profile)

2) Describe role played and time dedicated in extracurricular activities

3) Evidence of Family's Financial Status

   a) FAFSA EFC and College Financial Aid letter- please fill in your EFC and upload your financial aid letter.

   b) If a) is not available, for the NEED-BASED and Wonton Food scholarships, you may include a copy of your family's tax return.

       For other scholarships, if you did not complete a FAFSA form/apply for financial aid, please attach a statement in Other Documents stating so.

3) high school school transcript -you will be asked by the system to provide the information for a school official who will upload your transcript and scores

4) SAT score - you/your school official will enter your test scores

5) One letter of recommendation -you will be asked by the system to provide the information for a contact who will provide your recommendation. In addition to filling out the online survey, the person will have an opportunity to upload their written recommendation letter.

6) Essay: Personal statement sections of online application

Part one: Please state your goals and aspirations

Part two: Please state any unusual circumstances you have experienced or challenges overcome

7) For WONTON FOODS ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP open to students nationwide

  a) proof of parent/legal guardian working in Asian restaurant business in the US at least one year such as most recent W2. If no W2, other documentation can be accepted. *Must be currently working in the Asian restaurant business.

  b) If legal guardian, court document appointing legal guardianship.

  These may be uploaded to Other Documents.








請根據資格申請一種獎學金。不要重複申請.  我們會自動審核符合資格的其他獎項。

New Immigrant - 新移民學生需為2016年1月1日後來美的學生.

申請表必須 種族選擇 Chinese-American, 填寫所要就讀的大學名字, 描述在課外活動中所做的表現



          官方的學校成績表: 系統會要求提供高中聯繫人以便上傳成績單和填寫GPA成績

SAT 成績: 你/你的高中將你的考試成績輸入

FAFSA EFC&大學財政資助證明 (college financial aid award letter): 請填寫EFC並附上college financial aid award letter. 申請云吞食品公司獎學金或Need-based 獎學金如果沒有助學金有關文件, 可以附上報稅表. 申請其他獎學金如果沒有填寫FAFSA表格/申請經濟援助,請在申請表中附上OTHER DOCUMENT聲明。)

推薦信: 系統會要求提供推薦的聯繫信息,除了填寫網上表格,此人將有機會上傳推薦信.

自傳: 須說明申請人興趣、目標,以及特殊情況或克服的困難;新移民申請者須在自傳說明語言、文化適應以外特殊經歷。


  •  w2 /納稅表或其他家長/法定監護人在美國亞洲餐館業工作至少一年的證明。云吞食品公司獎學金開放給全國學生申請*目前必須在亞洲餐業工作。
  • 如果法定監護人,法院文件任命法定監護人。

          這些文件可申請表格上傳到Other Documents。

書面申請: 我們建議每一位學生在網上申請,如果新移民在網上申請有不能克服的困難,我們可以提供書面申請表格.

如果你在申請中有任何疑問,請致電(718)710-1132或 云吞食品公司獎學金929-335-3537





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